Annual Research Symposium – Faculty of Arts – 15th Nov.

Annual Research Symposium – Faculty of Arts – 15th Nov.


Research for Development: Challenges and Opportunities

Annual Research Symposium – University of Colombo

15 November 2017

Under the broad theme of the University of Colombo conference, the Faculty of Arts has decided on the following theme for its research sessions:

The Role of Humanities and Social Sciences in Research for Development

The Editorial Committee for the Annual Research Symposium of the University of Colombo invites the academic staff members and postgraduate students of the University of Colombo to submit abstracts/extended abstracts to be considered for presentation at the Technical Sessions of the Annual Research Symposium in November 2017. The abstracts should be based on original research work and, if accepted, should be presented by a staff member or a postgraduate student of the University of Colombo. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Proceedings Book of the Annual Research Symposium 2017, University of Colombo.

Extended deadline for submission of abstracts: August 14, 2017 (12 noon)

To be considered for evaluation, each submission should include the following documents.
1. Abstract – not exceeding 300 words
2. Extended abstract (inclusive of background, objectives, research design/materials and methods, results/ findings, conclusions) – not exceeding 1000 words
3. The author’s declaration form.

Please note that abstracts/extended abstracts that are not prepared according to the guidelines provided, or are submitted after the deadline, will not be considered for review. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make alterations to the text of the abstract which will improve its quality.

Authors should send in their abstracts/extended abstracts to Samudrika Sylva at by 12 noon on August 14, 2017.


…………Guidelines for submission of abstracts/extended abstracts…………