The Main Objective of the programme is to provide the knowledge and skills in tourism economics and hotel management to those people whose activities will have a positive impact on development of the tourism industry in sustainable manner, but who have as yet not had the opportunity of obtaining a structured understanding and critical analyses of the relevant issues of tourism development and hotel management and related practices. The knowledge and skills are provided in nationally and internationally acceptable and competitive manner.

DTEHM C501: Tourism Operation for DestinationDevelopmentInformation
DTEHM C502: Tourism Marketing and Destination PromotionInformation
DTEHM C503: Hotel & Resort Operationsand Consumer Service DevelopmentInformation
DTEHM C504: Tourism Economics and PracticalApplicationsInformation
DTEHM C505: Human Resource Management for Tourism DevelopmentInformation
DTEHM C506: Tourism Planning and Development AdministrationInformation
DTEHM C507: Statistical Analysis and AccountancyInformation
DTEHM C508: Applications of GIS, Information Technology and E-TourismInformation
DTEHM S501: Ecotourism and Tourism TypologiesInformation
DTEHM S502: Travel Agency and Tour OperationInformation
DTEHM S503: Media and Advertising Management in TourismInformation
DTEHM S504: Finance Management for Tourism ManagersInformation
DTEHM S505: MICE Tourism and Event ManagementInformation
DTEHM S506: Tourism Product Designing and Quality AdvancementInformation
DTEHM S507: Managing Small Scale Enterprises in TourismInformation
DTEHM S508: Health and Wellness TourismInformation