DTEHM C506: Tourism Planning and Development Administration
(DTEHM C506)

This course is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills of planning principles and policies on tourism development, emphasizing the theoretical and conceptual background. Tourism development policies at local, regional, national and international levels, by cortically analyzing the tourism planning and policies introduced in Sri Lanka since 1967. Under this course, following specific objectives are also expected:

*    To improve knowledge in Tourism Plan preparation implementation and project formulation.
*    To discuss Issues, Problems and Prospects related Tourism Planning Implementation Process, Enforcement Method, Guidelines, Rules and Regulation.
*    To train candidates in Tourism Planning at local level, and promote strategic project formulation approach within the broader Policy Frame Work.
*    To illustrate the Planning Process at local level, confirming to statutory obligations and being sensitive to the local Contextual Forces (Hazard / Sensitive Areas).
*    To promote innovative responses to Solve Planning problems and local level, through public participatory approach.
*   To examine sustainable tourism practices in local, national and global context