Major shifts made in language studies over the past decades have been the result of reflective thinking, rigorous research, and innovative practice. The first symposium on language studies organized by the English Language Teaching Unit of the University of Colombo aims to provide a forum through which some of this reflection, research and innovation can be shared and discussed. The organizing committee invites proposals for papers, poster presentations or workshops on the following broad themes:

  •   Issues in teaching/ learning English as a second/ foreign language
  •  Language acquisition and learning
  •  Sri Lankan English and world Englishes
  •   Linguistics
  •  Language teacher education
  •  Language policy and planning
  •  Language curriculum development/ teaching methodology/ testing and assessment
  •  Language programme evaluation
  •  Cognitive linguistics/ psycholinguistics/ neuro-linguistic programming
  •  Translation studies
  •  Computational linguistics
  •  Literary texts, culture and identity

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