Q1: Can I submit more than one proposal to the symposium?

Yes, you may submit more than one proposal. If you would like to submit more than one proposal, please send separate proposals for each. This means that each abstract has to be sent separately.

Please ensure that you submissions in the research paper category do not contain work already published elsewhere. Also, if you are submitting a proposal that has already been submitted to any other conference/ symposium, please state on the cover page of your proposal to what conference/ symposium it has been submitted.

Q2: I am an undergraduate at a tertiary education institution/a teacher at a secondary education institution/ school. Can I submit a proposal?

Yes, you can submit a proposal to present any research that has been conducted by you. However, the same review process applies to all proposals.

Q3: Do I have to present at the symposium to attend?

Absolutely not! We welcome attendance by all interested parties, regardless of their participation in symposium sessions.

Q4: Does the symposium provide travel allowances for local or foreign travel?

No, we do not provide travel allowances.

Q5: Does the symposium provide accommodation?

The symposium does not provide accommodation.

Q6: Do I have to submit an abstract or a full paper?

If you want to make a submission in the category of research papers, you need to submit two types of abstracts: a shorter abstract of 300 words and a longer one of 750-850 words. Please refer the following page for detailed guidelines:


Q7: I am sending in a proposal from a country other than Sri Lanka. Do I need to submit a hard copy of my proposal?

No, you do not have to submit a hard copy of your proposal.

Q8: What do I need to do if my proposal is accepted?

Your next step is to complete the symposium registration form and to submit the registration payment.

Q9: What do presenters need to do?

There will be a presenter guidance email message sent to all the presenters about what to do after the registration period.

Q10: Do I have to bring a laptop?

No. We will provide Windows laptops in the symposium presentation rooms. However, if you want to use a Macintosh laptop, you may bring your own, but do not forget to bring the converter cable as well, since we do not provide the converter. In this case, it will be more convenient to do the PowerPoint presentation in Windows version.

Q11: What kind of technical equipment is provided for the presentation of papers at the symposium?

Laptop Computer, LCD Data Projector, CD/DVD-ROM Drive, PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer

Q12: Does the ELTU, University of Colombo provide handouts for the audience?

No, we do not. The presenters have to bring an adequate number of handouts if they wish to use handouts.

Workshop presenters: Please note that it is mandatory for workshop presenters to provide copies of material for workshops. The number of participants will be informed when a workshop proposal is accepted.

Q13: When will I know the symposium schedule?

The registration period is from May – early July. After the deadline of the registration period, you will be notified about the symposium. However, please also keep updated on our website http://arts.cmb.ac.lk/eltu/symposium as well.

Q14: What do I need to do to register?

Registration details will be posted on this website soon.

Q15: Can I register on-site if I am unable to commit my schedule prior to the event?

Yes, you can register on-site. Be aware, however, that there will be an additional fee for all on-site registrants.

Q16: Can I pay for only one session if I am unable to attend all days of the symposium?

We do offer session rates for those unable to attend the entire symposium.

Q17: What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee includes attendance to all symposium sessions. It also covers the cost for the food at tea breaks, lunch and symposium pack given to the participants.

Q18: Do presenters have to register for symposium?

Yes, all presenters must be registered 30 days prior to the symposium or are subject to session cancellation.

Q19: Do presenters have to pay the registration fee?

Yes, they do.

Q20: I need an official letter of invitation to the symposium, how do I get one?

An invitation letter is provided on request to presenters and participants. Please send your request to researchsymposium2014@gmail.com

Q21: Will I get a certificate of attendance/presentation at symposium?

Presentation certificates are provided onsite. Attendance certificates will be provided within 1-2 weeks post-symposium upon request. If you would like an attendance certificate, please email us at researchsymposium2014@gmail.com

Q22: What is the criteria of selection of symposium papers for publication?

The best symposium papers (based on reviewer comments) are selected for publication after the symposium

Q23: My question is not listed in FAQs. Who do I contact?

Please contact the Organising Committee at researchsymposium2014@gmail.com.