About us

The Department of Geography University of Colombo has planned to celebrate world environment day 2017 under the theme of “Connecting People to Nature – in the city and on the land, from the poles to the equator”. The programme is segmented to three as the educational exhibition, workshops and competition series to raise awareness on connecting people to nature. The Department of Geography as a stakeholder of environment had contacted many programmes for the protection of environment in the pass and still continues its work for the betterment of the future environment. Raising awareness is one of the most important factor when comes to environmental protection and preservation. Therefore such events and programme will help to bridge the gap of knowledge between decision makers and the common community as well as to transmit the practiced knowledge of the community to decision makers.

In year 2015 also an educational exhibition was conducted with the participation of many stakeholders in the field of environment along with students from local schools and universities. Since it was a success this time the Department decided to expand the programme as mentioned above. Entire programme will take place on 05th of June 2017 at the premises of Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo and all are warmly welcome to gain the experience and share your knowledge.