International Conference on “Geography and Global Sustainability” (ICGGS 2021) 09th – 10th Dec. 2021

International Conference on “Geography and Global Sustainability” (ICGGS 2021) 09th – 10th Dec. 2021

Space and time has been contracted with the present day technological evolution hence global has become a village. The space, as always happening, has been altered daily showing the new patterns of morphological changes either naturally and artificially. Built spaces upon the natural environment has been in trending nature day by day encouraging people to encroach vertical space rather than the horizontal which is highly restricted. The earth which is full of resources is becoming more vulnerable to deficiencies and degradation, hence sustainability becomes a major concern at the moment. With the growing population of the world, natural environment has become more susceptibility to disasters and vulnerable situations are needed to more attentive with some kind of risk reduction strategies.

Geography; the art behind the science of earth, has concerns on the above issues of the world. The avenues initiated in various directions to cater with the global trends are the facets of Geography. Within the context of Geography, physical and social approaches are deemed in characterizing the space and time on earth. The interactions between earth surface and human activities explores the new trends in development of the field of geography. Day by day new interfaces are being developed discussing the world sustainability and disaster risk reduction.

The department of Geography which is one of oldest academic institutes of the University of Colombo explores the new growing trends of the world in the context of Geography. Hence, we are planning an international conference to discuss those new trends, solutions and mitigatory measures for the above mentioned global issues and new sustainable plans of researches to conserve the depleting earth resources and threatened biodiversity. The proposed conference will open new avenues and horizons in introducing findings of their worthwhile researches and having opportunities in critical discussions. Each and every session of the conference has been planned to start with a brain storming session of relevant fields with experts and professionals.

We, the department of Geography extends our sincere hands to potential collaborators to engage with the conference in various aspects. We highly encourage our potential collaborators to take this prestigious opportunity of sponsoring, introducing expertise representing your institute and submission of research articles in extended abstract format. Details of the proposed conference are given below and following persons can be contacted in advance for engaging with the conference organizing and further details.

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