The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, offers a variety of services ranging from guidance on future careers, capacity building, skills development, mentoring programmes, job search programmes and to career fairs. The unit functions directly under the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

  • To develop relations between the University and the employment sector in a mutually beneficial way.
  • To help undergraduates in choosing and progressing on an optimal career path, based on their ability, desire and available opportunities.
  • To create an environment where students identify personality development in themselves to satisfy the professional expectations.
  • To help undergraduates obtain an orientation to the employment sector and develop transferable skills such as effective communication, leadership, teamwork, and management so that a productive and an efficient member is produced for the work force.
  • To introduce the students to the world of work and dynamics.


W. M. Saman Wanasinghe

Senior Lecturer

Department of English Language Teaching, Faculty of Arts

Contact details: 0718140130

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Entrepreneurship Workshop Session – 3

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Registration for Entrepreneurship Skill Development Workshop

Registration for Entrepreneurship Skill Development Workshop

Registration for Entrepreneurship Skill Development Workshop

Conducted by the Career Guidance Unit, University of Colombo

Soft Skills Workshop Webinar Series by John Keells Foundation:


19th January 2021

Workshop on ‘How to launch your business’ – Session IV


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30th December 2020

CGU workshop 01 : How to become an excellent entrepreneur and a dignified professional


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18th, 19th & 20th December 2020

International Career Fair

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16th September 2020

Post of Demonstrator

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Address : Career Guidance Unit, Faculty of Arts, P.O. Box 1490, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka

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  • International Career Fair – 18th, 19th & 20th December 2020


  • Vacancy – Post of Demonstrator – 16th September 2020