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Courses offered by the Department of International Relations

Academic Year 2015


Semester Unit Code Name of the Course Unit
1st Year
Semester One INR 1101 Introduction to International Relations
  FND 1111/INR 1102 Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Peace
Semester Two INR 1204 International Relations in Praxis
2nd Year
Semester One INR 2119 Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka I: up to 1977
INR 2132 Theory and Methodology of International Relations
INR 2135 International Relations of the USA
INR 2136 Introduction to International Organizations
INR 2140 Theory & Practice of Diplomacy in International Relations
Semester Two INR 2234 Human Rights in International Relations
INR 2237 Introduction to Regional Organizations
INR 2238 Contemporary issues in South Asia
INR 2239 Society and Politics of East Asia and the Pacific
3rd Year
Semester One INR 3157 International Political Economy
INR 3164 International Security
INR 3143 Conflict Analysis, Theory/ Technique and Practice
INR 3165 Contemporary Latin America
  INR 3169 Geopolitics and Economy of East Asia
Semester Two INR 3248 International Law and World Order
INR 3255 Middle East and North African Politics
INR 3267 Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka II : Since 1977
INR 3268 Internationalization of Human Security
4th Year
Semester One INR 4185 International Peace Studies
INR 4186 Contemporary India
INR 4187 Russia since World War II
INR 4188 European Integration through Diplomacy
INR 4191 United Nations Organization
INR 4197 Dissertation
Semester Two INR 4281 International Humanitarian Law
INR 4282 USA in Global Politics
INR 4289 China in the Modern World
INR 4290 International Environmental Governance
INR 4297 Dissertation