Dr. J.D. Jayawardena

Dr. J.D. Jayawardena

Dr. (Mrs). Janaki Deepthika Jayawardena
Senior lecturer
Dept. of History

1. (2003) Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, University of York, York, UK.
2. (2001) M.Phil. in History, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
3. (1992) B. A. in History (First class honours), University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
4. (1987) (Fall: semester) ILSE student exchange programme, Carleton College, Northfield, Mnn, USA.

Training workshops/ seminars:
(2002) Workshop on Knowledge and Gender, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK.
(1997) International Visitor Programme on American Studies, USA
(1997) Seminar on ‘Transition to Civil Society and Democracy’, Internationl Academy for Leadership, Gummersbach, Germany.
(1996) Salzberg Seminar on American History, Salzberg, Austria.
(1995) Seminar on American Civilisation, American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad, India.
(1991) World University Service Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand.

Teaching areas
Social and economic history of the British period in Sri Lanka, gender and nation, methods of historical inquiry , historical documents in the colonial period, popular discourses on Sri Lanka history

Research interests
Cultural history and gender issues

Awards and grants
1. (1999) Commonwealth Scholarship for academics, Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK.
2. (1998) Certificate in teaching in higher education, Staff development centre, University of Colombo.
3. (1991/92) University scholarship, University of Peradeniya.
4. (1991/92) Corbett prize for Ceylon history, University of Peradeniya.
5. (1991/92) Mabel Jayasuriya prize for history, University of Peradeniya.
6. (1991/92) University Jubilee scholarship, University of Peradeniya.
7. (1985/86) Asoka prize for history.

Involvement with other organizations

  1. Life member – American Studies Association.
  2. Life member – University Women’s Federation
  3. Member – Women’s History Network

Executive and other positions on boards of international,
national organizations
1. (2004 – 2011) Board of director, Women’s Education and Research Center
2. (1998- to date) Board of director, National Fisheries Solidarity Movement
3. Advisor to Organisation for Visual Progression, 44-27 Purves Street, #4c, Long Island City, NY 11101

Refereed Journal articles
1. (2003) ‘Sinhala prajawa tula viyapath wana kantawo’, Nivedini. WERC
2. (2004) ‘Gender and ceremony of puberty ‘Nivedini. (in Sinhala) WERC ISBN 1391-0094
4. (2006) ‘Cultural construction of the Sinhala woman and women’s resisitance to such identities’ Nivedini WERC
5. (2008) ‘sexual harassment in Sri Lankan universities’ Nivedini (in Sinhala) WERC ISBN 3101-0094

Other publications

  1. Book review(2004) on Indian writer Rajeshwari Sundar Rajan’s book titled The Scandal of the State : Women, Law and Citizenship in Post Colonial India. Feminist Review
  2. Book Chapter – Pinnawala, S.(ed.) (2014) ‘Identity and political mobilisation in Sri Lanka’ Identity Politics and State Building in Sri Lanka : understanding Ethno-nationalist Mobilization in a Post Colonial State in Transition Colombo: Pathfinder ISBN 978-955-1201-05-0
  3. Lead researcher in HFA Asia Pacific input document for the post 2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (FIFA 2) key area 4 (2014) ‘Women as a force in resilience building, gender equality in DRR’ developed by Duryog Nivaran <Http://bthamcdr-thailand.net/bthamcder/portals/0/ka4_final-Hi-291014.pdf>
  4. ‘Gender and Coloniality: Constructing the ‘Sinhala Buddhist’ woman (2015) Colonial Ideology and Princely States in India special issue of ‘International Journal of Multifaceted and Multilingual Studies. ISBN 2394-207X

Work materials:

  1. Study Guide Faculty of Arts (2010) Ancient Civilizations ISBN 978-955-0460-16-8
  2. Open University Sri Lanka (2014) ‘Women and Governance’
  3. Open University Sri Lanka (2014) ‘Politics and social Exclusion’

Conference papers
National seminars:
(2003) presented a paper at the annual research conference of the faculty of Arts, University of Colombo on gender and puberty.
(2003) presented a paper at seminar on promoting historical research in Sri Lanka on British colonial rule and national movement’s influence on constructing genederd identity among Sinhalese.
(2010) presented a paper at the National Convention of Women’s Education and Research Centre (WERC) on mainstreaming Gender Studies.
(2010) presented a paper on Societal Barriers for Women’s participation in Politics and Public Affairs in Sri Lanka, National Democratic Institution.

International conferences
(2004) presented a paper at the international women’s conference organised by the Women’s Education and Research Centre on women’s history.
(2005) presented a paper at the conference in Nepal on historicizing ethnicity and Sri Lankan experience.
(2007) presented paper at seminar on Oral history, University of Bielefeld, Germany on ceremony of puberty in among Sinhalese.
(2010) presented a paper at the conference on Transformative Politics in Oslo, Norway on women and democracy.
(2010) presented a paper at the international conference on Historical Methods organized in Colombo on compatible knowledges and inventing traditions.

Other responsibilities :
Senior treasurer, History Society
Coordinator, History and Community project
Academic coordinator, Dept. of History
Secretary, Arts Faculty Teachers Union

Senior treasurer, Student Union Faculty of Arts

Senate representative for the Faculty of Arts

Member of Ethics Review Committee for Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Arts