Events in line with the Centenary Celebrations






  • Launch of the Fundamentals in Academic English Courses

The new Fundamentals in Reading and Writing Academic English courses will prepare the necessary foundations for first-year undergraduates to use English in an academic register within their respective disciplines. Drawing on a range of academic material used across the various General and Special Degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts, the course will impart a set of primary skills, particularly through a focus on language structure. 


  • Launch of the French Course for Beginners (ENH)

French for Beginners is an enhancement course, which aims to provide a basic knowledge of the French language in the forms of speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition to the language skills, which will be developed through a range of text, role-play and audio-visual activities, students will gain an insight into the culture of French-speaking communities through the study of a range of texts. The topics covered would provide a context in which students develop their linguistic as well as cultural knowledge and understanding of the French language.

This course is open only for students with no prior knowledge of the French language. It is not open for students who have taken French for GCE (A/L) examination or equivalent.


  • Launch of the Honours Degree in TESL

The Honours degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is a programme to be launched in the near future by the department (DELT) as it has recognized the necessity for skilled English teachers and workers in both government and private sectors, who can competently work in English in the country. The programme aims to enhance students’ skills/practice as well as research in the area of English as a second language.


  • International Research Symposium on Teaching English as a Second Language

The research symposium of the Department of English Language Teaching, to be organized in 2021, will be a forum for ELT professionals to share their research findings and engage in fruitful discussions on the new developments in the field of ELT. 


  • Introduction of additional English language proficiency courses for staff and students of UOC

In the Centenary Year of teaching Humanities and Social Sciences in Sri Lanka, the Department of English Language Teaching, University of Colombo is presently developing a series of additional online courses aimed at enhancing English language proficiency of the staff and students at the University. The lesson material will cover a range of topics including, Online Presentation Skills for students and staff, Spoken English and Executive Letter Writing Skills for administrative staff, and Business English to equip students entering the industry.


  • Organizing formal presentation/workshop series for academics to present MA/PhD research projects

With the objective of fostering a research culture within the department, the DELT has organized a series of presentations/ workshops where the department members will present their work and receive feedback for improvement from colleagues.


  • Opening of the Academic and Language Support Centre

Set up under the World Bank-funded Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project of the Faculty of Arts, the Academic and Language Support Centre (ALSC) will serve as a resource for students to strengthen their English language competencies in general and their grasp of the academic register in particular. In exponentially increasing students’ exposure to the language, beyond the confines of the classroom, the ALSC will fulfil a critical requirement for English learning and further the Faculty’s long-term plan of adopting English-medium instruction across the board for undergraduate degree programmes.