Course Description:

The Institute of Indigenous Medicine (IIM) is the premier higher educational institutes in Sri Lanka which produces graduates in the field of Indigenous Medicine. Identifying with the international recognition for the field of Indigenous Medicine, the Institute has made it their prime objective to produce graduates equipped with the most outstanding personalities and skills. In light of that, the necessary language, communication, and professional skills are one of its top priorities at IIM.

In the endeavour to endow its students, IIM works hand in hand with the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT), University of Colombo to feed necessary language skills along with other soft skills that are paramount to any individual. Subsequent to the curriculum revision in 2011, Ayurveda and Unani medical students were introduced two foundation courses – English 1 and English 2; completion of which have been made mandatory for all undergraduates in order to obtain the degree. The evaluation of students is carried out through continuous assessments, viva voice and end semester examination. Both courses are aimed at improving students’ four major skills in English – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Further to the suggestions made at the Programme Review in 2019/2020, English for Specific Purpose Course is designed to focus on language in context of indigenous medicine and their future profession. This will be a unique, learner-cantered, and novel opportunity for students to practice English language where there is exposure to real-life situations in the learning process. The course will take the medical student through a patient’s journey, from admission to interview, diagnosis, treatment, surgery and end-of-life care. The units will cover medical terminology, patient and staff interactions, hospital language and substantially more. Students will be working on all aspects of medical language, including pronunciation, grammar and functional skills.


Course Titles and Codes:

Existing Courses

English 1 – EN1000

English 2 – EN2000


To be introduced soon (2021)

Professional Course in English for Ayurveda and Unani


Objectives of the Course:

EN1000 and EN2000

  1. Identify techniques of communication skills and use them for better


  1. Understand grammar structures and usage
  2. Improve writing and reading skills and practice activities.


Assessment and Examinations:

  • Continuous Assessment –           20
  • Final Exam –           80


Overall Institute Coordinator (Academic and Administrative)

W.M.Saman Wanasinghe