Introduction to the Courses:

The DELT offers a compulsory Proficiency Course in English for the undergraduates of the Faculty of Law. It comprises four levels and passing all levels is compulsory for the completion of the degree.

The course is designed to improve all four skills of the undergraduates: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The initial levels (1 and 2) focus more on general English language skills, while the higher levels (3 and 4) focus on language skills required for legal purposes.


Course Titles and Codes:

Course titles: Proficiency Course in English Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


The Placement Test:

All the new entrants of the Faculty of Law are required to sit a placement test and are divided into levels based on their performance. Students who score 80 marks and above at the placement test are exempted.


Broad Objectives of the Levels:

Level 1: Develop listening skills to understand news items.

Improve speaking skills to communicate personal information.

Extend speaking skills to discuss familiar topics.

Improve the ability to write simple sentences.

Develop paragraph writing skills.

Enhance skills of writing descriptive essays.

Identify creative writing skills through narrative essays.

Enrich vocabulary to comprehend legal texts

Improve the use of correct verb form, articles, and prepositions.

The course maintains the UTEL Academic Benchmark Band 4.

Level 1 Coordinator – Ms. Geethani Satharasinghe

Contact: / +9477


Level 2: The level 2 Proficiency Course in English offers a combination of English skills for general purposes and specific purposes (ESP). The course aims to improve students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through a variety of course materials.

The course maintains the UTEL Academic Benchmark Band 5.


Level 2 Coordinator



Level 3: Level 3 of the Proficiency Course in English offered for the Faculty of Law is a course for students with intermediate level competencies. This is also an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course, where Law related content is brought in to facilitate the teaching-learning process. The aim of this course is to improve the reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary related skills of the students who follow the course, maintaining UTEL Benchmark standards related to Band 6.

Level 3 Coordinator



Level 4: Develop skills needed for the comprehension of legal texts

Develop argumentative writing and speaking skills

Develop interview skills and language skills need for written and verbal professional interactions

The course maintains the UTEL Academic Benchmark Band 7.

Level 3 Coordinator



Assessments and Examinations

Each level comprises 2 semesters of teaching. Course assessment is based on 2 assignments (1 written test and 1 oral test), which carry 30% of the grade and an end of the year exam, which carries 70% of the grade. Candidates must score a minimum of 50% of the total grade to pass each level.


Overall Programme Coordinator


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