Student Exchange programme – 2017

Zahrah Rizwan, Ayudhya Gajanayake and Pramodha Weerasekara, Special Degree students of the Department of English, participated in the exchange programme with Justus Liebig University in 2017.

Zahrah: “The semester abroad in Germany was indeed an amazing experience. From eating schnitzels to getting our European mates to eat Kottu without the use of cutlery, while being spokespersons for Sri Lanka in classroom discussions (bringing in a touch of the “Colombo University-English Department-Educated” critical analysis into conversations), living in Germany for a semester enabled a multi-cultural exposure to education and life as a whole. Having gotten this opportunity as a final year graduate was self-enhancing as I was able to engage with people as well as my travel experiences around Europe in a more analytical manner, considering them learning opportunities, to put into practice the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my undergraduate life. I found Germany quite empowering and a safe haven having lived in a society with 6pm curfews for girls and daily catcalls. Nevertheless, I am highly indebted and grateful for the Colombo University education I received and for my beloved lecturers for having added immense value to my personality and giving me this opportunity to participate in the Exchange programme.”