1.     Q: Can you please tell me about FNDE 1108 & FNDE 1209 ?

A: These are courses offered by the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT), not by the Department of English. Please contact the Head of the DELT for information on these courses.


2.   Q: Can second semester courses be taken in the first semester ?

      A: No.


3.   Q: What courses do I need to take to specialise in English ?

       A: You have to take ENG 1106, FND 1105 and ENG 1205 in your first year and obtain at least a B in each.


4.   Q: I haven’t taken English as an A/Level subject but I would like to do my subjects in the English medium. Can I do this ?

       A: Please ask the Heads of the relevant Departments if this is possible.


5.    Q: I haven’t taken English as an A/Level subject but I have a pass in the A/Level General English Paper. Can I still take English as a subject ?

A: No, please see requirements above.


6.     Q: I am not doing English as a subject. But I would like to take FND 1105 (Writing, Reading and Rhetoric). Can I do this ?

 A: Yes


7.    Q: Can I audit any English Department courses ?

       A: It depends on classroom space. Please speak to the lecturer teaching the course to find out.


8.    Q: I am a Special Intake student for English. Do I have to take English in the first year ?

A: Yes. And you must continue to take courses from the Department’s study stream English Studies: Theory and Practice during all 3 years or follow the Department of English courses for the Special Degree if selected to specialize in English..


9.     Q: If I am a Special Intake student for English, can I specialise in any other subject ?

A: No. Special Intake students for English can only specialise in English. (UGC regulations)


10.  Q I have already done my GAQ externally. Do I have to start as a first year student ?

A: Yes.


11.   Q How important is attendance at lectures ?

A: The English Department requires 80% attendance at all courses and lecturers keep records of each student’s attendance