Ms. Christine Stuka of Justus Liebig University, Germany, visited the Department of English in July 2017 as a Guest Lecturer under the purview of the academic MOU signed between the University of Colombo and Justus Liebig University for the exchange of staff and students. Christine’s research interests are English varieties in the Caribbean (specifically Barbados) and Africa, Pidgins, Creoles and Mixed Languages and Sociolinguistics in general. During her 2-week visit to Colombo, Christine taught sections on two courses offered by the Department – English Across the World and Studies in Sociolinguistics.


Dr Sandra Goetz is a Visiting Scholar currently attached to the Department of English as part of the academic exchange MOU signed between the University of Colombo and Justus Leibig University, Germany. During her two-week stay, Dr Goetz will give a talk on Data Driven Learning (DDL) for teachers of the Department’s Extension Courses and students interested in English Language teaching, as well as several guest lectures for undergraduate students following Linguistics courses.