HIS 2220 Modern Europe

Course Description:

This course is designed to examine the economic, political, and social changes that took place in Europe after the Renaissance. The course will introduce the changes that set off the historical process known as the ‘Modern Europe’. It will start with the break-up of the ‘Old Europe’ and especially the decline of feudalism. It will also explore the expansion of European civilization to the other parts of the world and the historical developments of the major aspects of present-day Europe.

Learning Objectives:
The main objective of this course is to give students a firm historical framework in order to understand the formation of Modern Europe. This course will introduce students to the structural changes in Europe since the end of feudalism in order to make them aware of how the political, economic, technological and social changes in Europe have influenced and shaped the history of the world.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, students should be able to:
• Explain the major historical changes Europe underwent
• Explain the links between economic and political systems which arose in Europe and the theories and principles that shaped these systems
• Describe how European historical changes reached out to the world and determined the history of the world.

Course Content:
1. The break-up of the Old Europe
2. The Renaissance
3. Enlightenment
4. The Age of Revolutions
5. The Rise of the Nation State
6. Industrialization
7. European Expansion
8. The new social order in the nineteenth century
9. Social Movements
10. The rise of consumerism
Attendance 10%
Midterm Test or Assignment 30%
Final Exam 60%

Recommended Readings:
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