HIS 4292 Discourse Analysis of Popular History of Sri Lanka

Course Description:
This course is designed introduce students to the vast field of popular history writing that is being produced on the history of the island, not necessarily by qualified experts in the field, but mostly by non-specialized writers who target the mass readership. This course will help students to engage in practical history, i.e., popular conceptions of history that are dominant within the broader public. The course expects to conduct a series of guest lectures with persons who produce these popular histories as well as those who critically engage with them with the purpose of giving students an interactive experience of learning.

Learning Objectives:
Objectives of this course are to familiarize students with the vast field of popular history of Sri Lanka; to enable them to read these popular history texts analytically and critically; to provide an opportunity for students to engage in discussion with writers and critics of the field of popular history.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, students should be able to
• Identify the main discourses that shape the historiography of Sri Lanka
• Analyse how articulations of history affect the political, social and economic structures of Sri Lanka
• Grasp the ideological bases of the discourses and place them in empirical situations

Course Content:
1. Popular articulations of History : An introduction
2. The Colonial gaze
3. The Dharmapala tradition
4. The Hela Havula tradition
5. Non Buddhist versions
6. Popular aspects in mainstreaming History
7. The history of militant ethno-nationalism
8. Peripheral histories

Attendance 10%
Midterm Test or Assignment 30%
Final Exam 60%

Recommended Readings:
ඇන්තනි ජැක්සන් (2006) මහසින්හළේ වංසකතාව කොළඹ :ගුණසේන සහ සමාගම
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o is,ajd, k,ska, ^2010& wfma m%jdo 3 – wfma b;sydihg kj iqiudo¾Yhla, fndr,eia.uqj (úisÿKqq m%ldYlfhda
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