HIS 4297 Dissertation

Course Description:
This is a document produced by students at the end of their fourth year based on the independent research carried out on a selected historical topic. Students have to submit their research topics in the first semester third year. It should be a maximum thirty thousand word document written under the supervision, and, according to the guidelines provided by the Department.

Learning Objectives:
This will provide a basic practical understanding for students on how to do an academic research. Students will put into practice the language skills they have learned and methods of historical inquiry and analytical skills they have acquired over the four years.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course, students should be able to:

• Master their skills in writing a research proposal
• Carrying out field or archival research
• Master their skills in writing a research document

Writing the proposal and doing a presentation in the second semester third year, keeping records on the academic Recommended Readings: 50%
Finishing the first draft in the first semester of the fourth year and submitting the dissertation at the end of the second semester fourth year: 50%

Recommended Readings:
AIU (ND) ‘How to Write a Research Proposal’, in Research Proposal Guide [online]
Lipson, C. (ND) How to Write a Thesis For B.A. and M.A. Students (and maybe Ph.D. students, too) [on line] < www.charleslipson.com/How-to-write-a-thesis.htm>

The University of New South Wales (ND) ‘Referencing’ Education Development Unit [online] < www.asb.unsw.edu.au/learningandteaching/Documents/referencing.pdf>
UC Santa Cruz University Library (ND) Write a Literature review [on line]