1. Research and Publications: Promoting, initiating and carrying out basic and applied research and programme evaluation, disseminating best practices and new information and publishing findings of relevance as well as materials of academic importance together with an organized programme of academic presentations.

2. Undergraduate Education: Enhancing undergraduate education for students with disabilities making available to them study areas of their choice, close interactions with faculty and opportunities to fully engage in all aspects of University life.

3. Graduate Education: Making available a range of study areas related to disability based on need and demand at post-doctoral, doctoral, post-graduate, degree, diploma and certificate level.

4. Disability Education: Providing study options for professionals and others including persons with disabilities, families and communities to encourage and enhance disability-related learning and courses for career development.

5. Teaching Faculty: Working with faculty members and promoting their collaboration to develop teaching environments and building strengths for meeting effectively learning needs of students with diverse impairments.

6. Disability Support Centre: Developing and maintaining a fully equipped support centre with modern ICT facilities and increasing services to meet the needs of students and staff.

7. Student Engagement and Involvement: Engaging students in university life facilitating involvement in student associations and activities, extracurricular activities and sports, and accessibility to its built environment and library.

8. Networking and Partnership: Setting up formal and informal linkages with Government, Corporate and Non-Government sectors and communities, and with international institutes and agencies as to further the objectives and functions of CDREP for the benefit of people with disabilities.

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