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The Centre for Disability Research, Education and Practice (CDREP) of the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, is established with the aim of promoting and providing academic leadership in the fields of disability research, education and practice for national and international agencies and organizations concerned about people with disabilities and their families. The Centre draws together accumulated knowledge and expertise of the academic staff of the University of Colombo and other partners to be an active partner in national disability policy and strategy formulation to create a culture of inclusion.


To promote an inclusive university experience for students and staff with disabilities in a vibrant academic environment by promoting disability studies at both undergraduate and post graduate levels and support through research and evaluation to develop and implement national evidence-based practice in disability work carried out by Government, the corporate sector, civil society and communities including persons with disabilities themselves with the aim of promoting a culture of inclusion.


To be a focal point in providing academic leadership in the pursuit, demonstration and dissemination of studies and practices in disability for the enrichment of the lives of persons with disabilities within a culture of inclusion.

Message from the Dean

While it was possible for students with physical disabilities to enter the university through the normal intake, most faculties admit such students through special intake. However, in the past the facilities available to these students at the University of Colombo had been far from adequate. This was especially true of vision-impaired students although students with other forms of physical disabilities... Read More