The Diploma in Business English is a one year programme which is conducted on a blended mode with both online and face-to-face interactive learning opportunities. This offers the opportunity for the participants to earn a qualification that will add value to their professional life.

This programme enables the participants to experience online learning which will equip them not only with language skills but also with IT skills.

The primary objective of the programme is to enable the participants to gain confidence and a good working knowledge of English particularly when

  • expressing themselves at conferences and meetings
  • making presentations
  • dealing with customers
  • writing business letters & proposals
  • carrying out work related activities confidently

The Diploma in Business English will be for those Who are ?

  • Seeking employment
  • Already in employment in both the public and corporate sectors
  • Ready to venture out into self-employment
  • Engaged in higher studies
  • Wishing to enhance their language competencies

Each course will cover the components of reading, writing , listening, speaking and grammar.

Course Titles

  • Mastering the Social Graces in the Business World
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Cultural Diversity and Tourism
  • Meetings, Interviews and Negotiations
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
  • Business Writing
  • Marketing and Advertising for a Changing World
  • Finance and Banking

Duration – One year
Commencement – 05th February 2023

  • Course Assignments
  • An Oral Presentation
  • A Project Proposal
  • A Final Written Paper

Candidates who are successful at all of the above will be awarded the Diploma from the University of Colombo

  1. Pass at the Selection Test or Pass in the Certificate in Business English Advanced Level, University of Colombo
  2. Basic Computer Skills
  3. Be above 18 years of age

Issue of Application

1. Pay Rs.1500/- to Account No:  304027400006 at any People’s Bank branch and submit the copy of the bank receipt to the Department of English Language Teaching, (Room 217, 2nd Floor, New Arts Building, Reid Avenue) Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo with the name and address of applicant written clearly on the reverse of the receipt to obtain the application form.
2. You may download your application form from our website and email the completed application along with the scanned copy of your bank payment slip to the on or before the 02nd December 2022.

1. The test consists of a written component and an interview.

2.   Due to the situation prevailing in the country, we have planned to extend the selection test date and the application closing date.

  • Selection Test :  04th Sunday December 2022 

  • Commencement Date : 05th February 2023

3. When you come for the selection test you are required to
Bring your national identity card.

Registration Procedure

1. The course fee of Rs. 65,000/= should be paid to at any Peoples’ Bank branch to the A/C No. given to you by us.
(It can be paid in 2 installments of Rs. 40,000/=   and Rs. 25,000/=)
2. The bank receipt for the course fee
The duly completed registration form should be submitted to the Diploma in Business English office, Department of English Language Teaching, (Room No. 217, 2nd Floor, New Arts Building, Reid Avenue) University of Colombo on weekdays (except public holidays) from 9.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m. at the time of registration.
Can email the scanned copy of your bank payment slip to the
3. Registration Period: 11.12.2022 – 31.01.2023

Diploma in Business English
Department of English Language Teaching
University of Colombo.
Telephone :- 011 2584200
Fax :- 011 2506705
E-mail :-

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