The Department of Political Science and Public Policy, University of Colombo being an innovative and relatively novel department has reached to its  highest position in academic excellence within a short period of 15 years. While guiding our students to gain critical and alternative reading on the present national and international political affairs as well as on philosophical traditions, we have been playing the leading role of promoting and educating on democratic ideals within the faculty in academic capacity. From 2016 the department offers a study stream in Democracy and Governance and wishes to offer another two study streams in Public Policy and Administration and Political Philosophy in upcoming years. In collaboration with various foreign universities, the department is committed in providing prolific masters courses. Department also offers post-graduate degrees on Masters of Arts, Masters of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. Our undergraduate degree has become one of the most demanding and popular undergraduate courses among the students with the notion of been a special degree program to follow within a student-friendly environment. I welcome you, and invite you to engage with us and share our academic experiences.