First YearPSC 1101Political Science: An Introduction
PSC 1102Aspects of Sri Lanka's Government and Politics
Second YearPSC 2116Modern Constitutions and Governments
PSC 2118Main Currents in Political Thought
PSC 2125Politics of South Asian States
PSC 2129Principles and Problems of Human Rights
PSC 2137Themes in Political Science Inquiry
PSC 2220Approaches to Public Policy and Administration
PSC 2226Methodology in Social Science Research
PSC 2227Approaches to Comparative Politics
PSC 2239Constitutional Law - Theories and Applications
PSC 2240Civil War and Peace Processes in Comparative Perspectives
Third YearPSC 3142Public Policy & Administration
PSC 3147 / SOC 3144Political Sociology (Offered by Dept. of Sociology)
PSC 3148Main Current in Political & Social Theory - I
PSC 3150Methodologies and Approaches to Political Science Research
PSC 3251Main Currents in Political & Social Theory II
PSC 3252Public Policy & Administration in Comparative Perspective
PSC 3261Gender and Politics: Theories & Concepts
PSC 3262Current Issues of Local Governance
PSC 3263Political Institutions in Comparative Perspective
Fourth YearPSC 4171Public Policy and Administration in Sri Lanka
PSC 4186Dissertation Part I
PSC 4187Gender in Political and Policy Processes
PSC 4189Politics of Protest and Resistance
PSC 4190Democracy and Democratization
PSC 4276Social Movements in World Politics
PSC 4278Political Economy of Development
PSC 4279Advanced Studies in Constitutionalism
PSC 4280Dissertation Part II
PSC 4291Conflict and Peace Processes in Sri Lanka

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