Masters in Buddhist Studies


Duration : 1 year

Master of Arts Degree in Buddhist Studies


Duration : 2 years

SLQF Level :  (


Being an academic Centre, par excellence, with a long and prestigious record of reputation, University of Colombo can be considered a cynosure of Buddhist studies. The Department of Buddhist Studies is offering:  Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Arts, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies, with the aim of developing, broadening and enriching its outlook and context to suit the modern needs. This expansion of the scope of teaching made it necessary to make use of the services not only of the permanent academic staff, but also of the services of visiting lecturers as well as of retired academics, who are experts in Pali and Buddhist studies.


English / Sinhala

Admission criteria :

  • Graduates with at least Second Class upper division in Buddhist Studies, Pali or related subject from a recognized University or an equivalent qualification;


  • Any other Bachelor’s degree in a related area from a recognized University.
  • Any other academic qualifications equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree determined by the Department of Buddhist Studies and approved by the Faculty Board and the Senate.
  • Graduates with postgraduate qualifications in Buddhist Studies under SLQF 9

Course Fee (Local Students)

Application Fee : Rs. 500.00
Course Fee
SLR. 25,000.00
Registration Fee
SLR. 1,500.00
Library Fee
SLR. 2,500.00
Examination Fee
SLR. 1,500.00
SLR. 35,500.00
Two years
(Total 1st year fee +  25000)
SLR. 25,000.00

Payment period  :   One installment per year

Course Fee (Foreign Students)

Application Fee : USD 2.51
 SAARC and Developing Countries
USD. 502.63
 Developed Countries
USD. 1005.26
Registration Fee
USD. 7.54
Library Fee
USD. 12.57
Examination Fee
USD. 7.54
Total (SAARC and Developing Countries)
USD. 530.28
Total (Developed Countries)
USD. 1032.91
Two years
SAARC and Developing Countries (Total 1st year fee +  502.63)
USD. 1,032.91
  Developed Countries
(Total 1st year fee + 1005.26)
USD. 2038.17
Payment period  :   One installment per year

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Contact details :

Contact Person : Prof. Wimal Hewamanage

Title : Coordinator

Address of the Department/Office:

Department of Buddhist Studies

Faculty of Arts

University of Colombo

Colombo 3, Sri Lanka

Telephone : +9411 2055487

Email :