The Department of Demography is conducting a one-year Postgraduate Programme in Population Studies leading to a Diploma.  Population Studies being an interdisciplinary subject, this programme is primarily directed towards academics, professionals and officers who work in the field of population and related disciplines.  The course is geared to provide the students with the theoretical knowledge, methodological applications, as well as practical research experience in Population studies. , This Diploma Programme provides avenue for advanced study in Demography at Master’s level.

The programme comprises of course work and a dissertation. The students will be required to follow a course work programme consisting of eight course units spread over two academic terms offered at four course units per term. Students are assessed based on both the examinations that will be held at the end of the each term and take home assignments and/or a mid-term test. A candidate reaching the pass mark (50 marks) in at least 5 course units shall be allowed to proceed with work on the dissertation and pursue the Diploma Programme.

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION: The medium of instruction of the programme is English.  Candidates are required to submit all assignments and dissertations, and answer all examination papers in English.


♦ A degree from a recognized University

♦ A good working knowledge in English

♦ A basic knowledge of Mathematics or Statistics will be an added advantage

DMD501 Basic Demographic Techniques
DMD502Mortality and Morbidity
DMD503 Migration and Urbanization
DMD504 Introductory Statistics
DMD505Nuptiality, Fertility and  Family  Planning
DMD506Population and Development
DMD507Population Projections and  Theoretical Population Models
DMD508Statistical and Research Methods

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