SLQF Level  :    SLQF 1 (



This advanced certificate course is designed for the tourism professionals, who wish to start or/and advance their career in sustainable tourism management.  Furthermore, this course expects to provide necessary knowledge and skills on middle and higher level of management level professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs, researchers and higher educational students on Sustainable Tourism Destination Management.



Duration of the program

Six (6) Months

Application period

1st August – 31st August 2021

Course Fee ( Local Students )


Application Fee :  Rs. 3000.00


Program Fee : Rs. 65,000.00

Payment Period : 2 installments for 6 months.

Course Fee ( Foreign Students)


Application Fee: US$ 15


 Program Fee : US$ 500

Payment period: Total Payment must be paid to register with the programme

Contact details:

Contact Person: Prof  D. A. C. Silva

Title: Coordinator

Telephone: +94773518500; +94773131208; +94112596889


Application process/guidelines/link to the webpage :