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The DTTEHM, a multi-disciplinary diploma level programme, is specially designed to respond to the industry demand for multi-skilled travel and tourism professionals who are able to take responsibility for a wide range of complex industry processes by improving the theoretical concepts, issues and policies in an interactive and application-oriented approach. This diploma provides opportunities for the integration of knowledge and skills in the hands-on practice of different fields of the industry by providing practical and analytical competence in socio-economic, ecological, marketing, managerial, accounting and legal aspects of travel and tourism with hotel management, ticketing, information technology and other related fields to meet the modern challenges of the changing global trends in travel and tourism industry.

The course targets those who are already engaged in the travel and tourism fields at different professional levels and also those who aspire to develop a career in the travel and tourism sector, but may not initially have an opportunity to gain the university education from a well-recognized national university in Sri Lanka.



Duration of the program

One year

Application period

1st August – 31st August 2021

Course Fee ( Local Students )


Application Fee :  Rs. 3000.00



Program Fee : Rs. 1,25,000.00

Payment period : 2 installments for per 1 year

Course Fee ( Foreign Students)


Application Fee: US$ 15


 Program Fee : US$ 950


Payment period: Total Payment must be paid to register with the programme

Contact details:

Contact Person: Prof  D. A. C. Silva

Title: Coordinator

Telephone: +94773518500; +94773131208; +94112596889


Application process/guidelines/link to the webpage :