Message from the Coordinator of Arabic and Islamic Civilization Unit

Civilization studies¬†provide an in-depth investigation of the development and accomplishments of one of the world’s great civilizations through intimate contact with important and noteworthy documents and memorials.

The Arabic and Islamic Civilization Unit, in the Faculty of Arts, aims to have close collaboration and development in the areas of Islamic history and civilization, by extending its own offerings in language and civilizational studies, and by ensuring that students from all discipline of the Faculty have an opportunity to choose course or courses from a variety of course units teach about Islamic history and civilization, comparative religion and Middle Eastern studies.

In our program, we emphasize the creation of a broad understanding of the Islamic world through the understanding of Islamic history and civilization with understanding Islamic culture generally. In our language courses, students reach advanced levels of proficiency in both spoken and written Arabic. The program is designed to help undergraduates to develop their respective abilities in reading literary, religious, legal, and historical texts from all Islamic historical periods and the Muslim world to encourage cross-disciplinary interests, and an appreciation of diverse cultural values

U. L. A. Ameer


Arabic and Islamic Civilization Unit

University of Colombo