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  • Chaminda Sir meets with President at Maha Bodhi Temple, Delhi
  • Professor Nayani Melegoda, Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies participated 'Convocation Ceremony of S
  • Professor Nayani Melegoda, Professor in International Relations, participated “South Asian Women A

Background of the Department


Department of History and International Relations is the oldest department in the Faculty of Arts, established in the early 1960s. Since then it has offered degrees in History, Modern History, Sociology, Political Science and International Relations. In an attempt to meet the national demand for access for university education and to increase the intake of students to each department, this department in recent history bifurcated as the Department of History and International Relations and Department of Political Science and Public Policy.


Department of History and International Relations since then has offered two special degree programmes: History and International Relations and It was the only department in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Colombo that offered two special degree programmes from one department. Apart from that, the department offered History and International Relations as two separate subjects for the General Arts Degree programme.


At present, after the bifurcation in July 2010 Department of International Relations functions as a separate department in the faculty of Arts. It offers a new institutional focus for teaching and research in international relations through sufficiently diverse interest and training to handle issues of international system from a variety of perspectives.  

Latest News

Training In Professional Performance (TIPP): 2017
The students of the Department of International Relations both special and study stream are required to intern and/or conduct field research respectively in their 3rd year. In order to enhance their existing skills so as to ensure their comportment at workplace, the Department has designed an annual program called Training In Professional Performance (TIPP). An initial workshop was conducted in2016 for the 3rd years. This time, TIIP will be held on 02nd November 2017 from 8.00am to 3.00 pm at the Faculty Board Room.
This training includes;