The Department of International Relations, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo secured a competitive grant from the World Bank—Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) Project commenced for three years of period from year 2020 to 2023. The Department received this competitive grant through an open competitive selection of proposals submitted to the World Bank which scrutinized through several rounds.

The overall expectation of the project is accelerating the higher education sector in Sri Lanka. The project is aiming to increase university enrolments, broadening and deepening modern teaching and learning approaches and promoting research and innovative culture in university education. A key role plays by the Ministry of Higher Education and University Grant Commission in policy support and project implementation and evaluation.

Main (05) Five Themes of the Department Initiative:

1- Enhance Employability

2- Improve Students’ research

3- Improve English Proficiency Language Skills

4- Disseminating Knowledge

5- Publications


The AHEAD Project Contact Details (Department Level)  

 Dr. Chaminda Padmakumara (view profile)

Project Coordinator


Dr. Maneesha Wanasinghe-Pasqual (view profile)

Activity Coordinator


Dr. Menik Wakkumbura (view profile)

Activity Coordinator


Ms. Sachini Madu Kumari (view profile)

Project Assistant


Mailing Address and Telephone

Department of International Relations

Faculty of Arts

University of Colombo

Reid Avenue

Colombo 07 (P.O. Box 00700)

Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 112 500 433