Subjects offer by the Department of Geography for the 4 year Special Degree programme in Geography, in Sinhala, English and Tamil medium.

1st Year

1st Year – 1st Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 1102 Cartography

Major theoretical concept of cartography. and deals with practical application in which, the students get an opportunity for constructing maps and charts.

GYG 1106 Principles of Geography

An inter-disciplinary subject in the context of social sciences, which provides a broader description of human and physical geography in terms of the stream of study (Geography and environmental Management).

1st Year – 2nd Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 1202 Cartography

Major theoretical concept of cartography and deals with practical application in which, the students get an opportunity for constructing maps and charts.

2nd Year

2nd Year – 1st Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 2126 Advanced Geomorphology

Advanced aspects of the principles of Geomorphology. Emphasis will be laid on providing essential principles of Geology, Geomorphic theory and the Geomorphic processes associated with the formation of landforms under varied climatic regimes.

GYG 2127 Population Geography

Global perspective of the growth and distribution of population

GYG 2128 Cartography

Relatively advanced work in cartography, particularly in the construction of maps. A training will be given in the construction of different types of maps based on different techniques applied to topographic sheets and aerial photographs.

GYG 2129 Locational Analysis Classification of locations according to physical attributes and human activity
GYG 2133 Physical Environment of Sri Lanka Physical background of Sri Lanka.
GYG 2135 Principles of Geology Earth’s crust, its history, plate tectonics, Geology of the Indian sub-continent and Geological maps.


2nd Year – 2nd Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 2225 Mathematics Mathematics on which the quantitative techniques used in Geography are based. This course is offered to students who wish to specialize Geography
GYG 2230 Third World Urbanization Details of urbanization in the less developed countries.  Emphasis will be placed on the current issues related to third world urbanization
GYG 2231 Meteorology & Climatology Elements of Meteorology and atmospheric process with special emphasis on tropical and extra-tropical synoptic Climatology, remote sensing and models of general circulation.
GYG 2232 Locational Models in Geography quantitative techniques that can be applied to locational concepts and principles developed in Geography.
GYG 2234 Development Perspectives of Sri Lanka Explore the development strategies of Sri Lanka and understand the historical and spatial patterns of development programmes in the country.


3rd Year

3rd Year – 1st Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 3148 Agriculture, Industry & Settlements Development and nature of agriculture, nature and content of industrial geography, and evolution and types of settlements
GYG 3149 Hydrology An introductory knowledge of Physical Hydrology and the spherical approach will be used in the categorization of the Hydrological Cycle into its basic components
GYG 3150 Past Climates & Climatic Changes Past climates and causes and consequences of the global climate change.
GYG 3152 Research Methodology
GYG 3158 Computer Applications Extensive knowledge of Spreadsheet, Database Management and a Statistical Analysis application package.


3rd Year – 2nd Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 3251 Geographical Thought & Methodology Historical evolution of the subject of Geography
GYG 3253 Bio-Geography Theories concepts and laboratory experiment of bio-geography, salient features of inorganic and organic evolution, and the complex inter-relationships that exist between organisms and their environment
GYG 3254 Agro Climatology Complex inter-relationship of soil, water and plants, crops responses to environmental change on agriculture, management of agro-climatic resources and agro-climate regional planning of Sri Lanka
GYG 3259 Introduction to GIS Introduction to different types of information systems, necessity for accurate information, and the geographical dimension in the understanding and solving of problems.
GYG 3261 Coastal Geomorphology Coastal environment from the Geomorphological view point.
GYG 3262 Quantitative Analysis


4th Year

4th Year – 1st Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 4171 Comparative Regional Studies
GYG 4190 Population Studies
GYG 4173 Air Photo-Interpretation Information obtainable from aerial photographs is interpreted from four different points of view, viz, (a) Terrain (b) Hydrology
GYG 4172 Applied Geomorphology
GYG 4181 Applied Hydrology Applied aspects of Hydrology : The spherical approach will be based in demonstrating the application of Hydrological techniques to the solution of problems in water resources engineering.
GYG 4191 Applied Soil Science Basic soil science, soil components, soil morphology, physical and chemical components of soils, soil-water relationship and movements. This course requires two lecture hours and one or more laboratory hours per week.
GYG 4197 Dissertation


4th Year – 2nd Semester

Course No. Course Title Description
GYG 4280 GIS Applications
GYG 4275 Environmental Pollution & Planning The conceptual aspects of environmental pollution and global issues are elaborated  and the  Various aspects of environmental problems in Sri Lanka.
GYG 4277 Transport Geography
GYG 4279 Advanced Agriculture Geography The relationships of Agricultural Geography to Agricultural Economics, Agronomy and Rural Sociology.
GYG 4282 Applied Bio-Geography
GYG 4283 Applied Meteorology & Climatology Applied aspects of meteorology and climatology (the elements of applied meteorology and climatology; Instruments and measurements; problems in tropical meteorology; weather modifications; weather observation and analysis; weather satellites and applications of RS to the atmospheric environment; weather forecasting; application of GIS in climatology and climatic variations in Sri Lanka)
GYG 4284 Rural and Regional Development
GYG 4289 Air Photo Interpretation
GYG 4293 Environmental Geology Perspective to understand the formation of earth, rock types, and their impact on natural hazards.
GYG 4294 Advanced Industrial Geography
GYG 4298 Dissertation