Four Certificate Courses – 2020


Message from the Head – Department of Geography

Prof. L. ManawaduThe Department of Geography is one of the first few Departments that was established in the University of Ceylon in Colombo in 1942. This department was shifted to University of Peradeniya in 1952 when the faculty of Arts moved there. Subsequently when a second faculty of Arts was begun in 1963 in Colombo, affiliated to the University of Ceylon in Peradeniya, several sub-departments were established and the sub-department of Geography was one, which became a fully-fledged Department in 1967. Initially only undergraduate programs were conducted in this Department.

With the introduction of the Thistlewaite’s reforms on curriculum development in the Arts Faculty undergraduate programme of the University of Colombo, the majoring concept was introduced and the Department of Geography conducted the courses accordingly, whereby the undergraduates completed a three year degree (with Geography was one of the subjects) and majored in Geography in the following year to obtain the B. Phil.