Policy on Changing Course Units and/or Subject Categories

Students may make changes to their original selection of CUs and/or subject categories within the first two weeks of the first semester. Information on these dates is provided in the calendar of dates, and it is mandatory for students to act accordingly. Students may not change course unit(s) and/or subject(s) after this period.

Students may make changes to their CUs in the first week of the second semester. Students should not change CUs for which they have been registered, without first obtaining the approval of the Head of the Department, the Dean/Arts and the IDC Coordinator. If a student wishes to select a CU(s) from the second semester by dropping certain CU(s) selected for the first semester, such requests should be made to the IDC within two weeks of the commencement of the academic year, after which they will not be accommodated. All such requests should be submitted in writing and addressed to the Coordinator/ IDC.