Currently a credit is defined as fifty (50) notional hours as per the latest version of credit calculation given by Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLQF). Notional hours include teaching, discussions, tutorials, practicals and self-study engaged in by students. At present, each CU is given three (03) contact teaching hours per week. Majority of the CUs offered in the Faculty are weighted as three
(03) credits. However, there may be course units offered by ceratin Departments/Units with different credit weights.

The minimum number of credit requirements for the first year in Arts is thirty (30). Hence, when you successfully complete 10 to 11 CUs, you obtain thirty (30) or more credits. Currently, all CUs offered by the Faculty of Arts are worth three (03) credits. Therefore, students are advised to follow the MCUR/MCR guideline given in Table 2 to complete the first year workload successfully.

Plans are underway to implement a fully-fledged credit-based system in the Faculty of Arts in the near future in line with the latest of SLQF. Such a system would include CUs with different credit values. Students will be able to select different combinations of CUs with less credit values and/or CUs with more credit values to fulfill the minimum credit requirements.