Under the continuous assessment system, students will be evaluated at least once during a semester before the final examination / assessment. The end-of-semester examination is the final point of the whole process of evaluation assigned for the CU(s) except for those courses which require internships /training /practical.  At each evaluation (which may be in the form of written tests, take-home assignments, oral presentations etc.) students earn marks. The usual weightage of marks is distributed as follows: 40% for continuous assessment (with 5% – 10% for class attendance), and 60% for the end-of-semester examination. However, as Departments have the flexibility to change this weightage, students are advised to consult their Departments for examination guidelines.

A student who does not complete the mid-semester assessment will be considered as not having completed the examination and his/her results for the final examination will not be released. In case a certain coure unit has two mid-semester evaluations, a student must attempt at least one of these to be considered as having completed the course upon passing the end-semester examination. A student who completes the mid-semester assessments but fails to take the semester-end examination due to some valid reason/s will be entitled to carry forward his/her mid-semeter marks up to two years till he/she completes the end-semester examination for the relevant course unit.