Course Unit Selection

A minimum number of five students should be registered to take a particular course unit before it can be offered by a Department/Unit.

There are three important options you need to consider when selecting CUs.

(i)         Do you want to read for a three-year degree in Arts (Study Streams) ?


(ii)        Do you want to read for a four-year Special degree in Arts majoring in one subject ?


(iii)      Do  you  want  to  read  for  a  Bachelor of  Education  degree (BEd)  which belongs to the four-year degree category with Education as the major in the final year of study?


Selection for Study Streams/Honors/BEd Degree

Once you have decided on the desired study programme, you must be aware of the rules and regulations provided in the By-Laws of the Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme that govern the conduct of the CUs. One such important regulation is the minimum number of credits mandatory for a student to complete in each academic year.


Minimum Credit Requirement (MCR)

Year of Study MCR
1st Year in Arts 30
2nd Year in Arts 30
3rd Year in Arts 30
4th Year in Arts 30

The decision on how to distribute CUs between two semesters is entirely up to each student, depending on the timetable and on the availability of course units. However, the maximum number of CUs that a student may offer in a semester in any combination (current/repeat/incomplete) is seven.