The Grade Point Average (GPA) is the system on which Honours and Passes are awarded. The GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned throughout a student’s study period (excluding the First Year in Arts) by the number of minimum required CUs. For a three-year Degree programme this minimum number of CUs is 20 while for a four-year Degree programme it is 30.

Calculation of GPA

GPA = Ʃ GP/N Where,
ƩGP = Total of grade points
N = Number of CUs.

When a student has completed more CU(s) than the minimum number stipulated in the By-Laws, the grade points of all completed CUs by the student will be taken in to account for GPA calculation.


Cut-off Points of GPA

1st Class             =       GPA 3.70
2nd Upper        =       3.30 GPA< 3.70
2nd Lower        =       3.00 GPA< 3.30
Ordinary pass =       2.00 GPA< 3.00