A student has to complete the whole system of continuous assessment offered in a semester in order to obtain the maximum grades for each CU. However, in order to be considered as having completed a CU, a student should have completed at least 50% of all continuous assessments and the final examination. When a student sits for the end- of-semester examination, it indicates that he/she has completed the process of evaluation with regard to the respective semester and CU(s), except in those courses with internships / training / practical that may be held after the end of examination.

Students will be permitted to sit the mid-semester and end-of-semester examinations only if they have a valid university registration for the current academic year and have registered for the relevant course units with the IDC. A list of students and the CU(s) for which they have registered will be available at the IDC between Weeks 5 and 6 of the first semester.

The duration of the end-of-semester examination will be two hours unless informed otherwise by respective Departments.

However, in the case of differently-abled students if their disability could impede their writing speed they are eligible for extra time. To claim this extra time the students should produce a letter issued by the University/Chief Medical Officer certifying that their disability will impede their writing speed at the examination. The student should submit this letter to the supervisor in the examination hall. The extra time will be given twenty (20) minutes for each hour of the examination. The Senior Assistant Registrar/ Examinations, should be informed by the supervisor in case a student needs extra time.

Application for Final Examinations
Seventy percent (70%) attendance by students is required as eligibility to sit the end- of-semester examinations. The application forms for end-of-semester examinations can be obtained from the Examinations Branch of the University of Colombo. Duly completed application forms should be handed over to the IDC within the stipulated time period. Students cannot apply for examinations in CUs other than those CUs for which they have registered.

Non-Credit or Audited CU(s)
When applying for the examination, students are required to clearly mark all non- credit CU(s) with the special symbol AU (for audit category).