Guidelines on Submission of Medical Certificates (MC) by undergraduates during the period of Examination.

Category I
An undergraduate student who falls ill during a period of examination should report to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO)/University Medical Officer (UMO) of the University of Colombo immediately. The CMO/UMO will examine the undergraduate and issue a Medical Certificate if necessary.

Undergraduate students are required to submit the MC issued by the CMO/UMO to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, along with the duly completed form issued by the IDC.

Category II
When a student falls ill during the period of examination, if s/he cannot visit the CMO/UMO due to the seriousness of the illness or/and because he/she is residing outside Colombo, the student is required to obtain medical treatment preferably from the nearest Government Medical Institution.  However, students can also obtain treatment from registered medical practitioners or institutions.
In such a situation, the MC obtained should be forwarded to CMO/UMO, with the duly completed form issued by the IDC, within seven (07) days from the last date of recommended medical leave. In this situation, only the following types of MCs will be accepted by CMO/UMO for consideration.

They are,
(i) MCs issued by a Government Hospital/District Medical Officer

(ii) MCs issued by a registered private General Practitioner in case of less than five (05) days of medical leave


The CMO/UMO may also request the following documents along with the MC for further proof of illness. They are

(i) receipt of payment for the MC from Government Hospital

(ii) Prescriptions of the medicines taken

(iii) Medical reports such as blood tests, etc. if medical leave of more than 05 days is required.