Field Visit to ‘Bathalegala’ under the course unit GYG 2118 – Physical Environment of Landscape, was successfully completed on 23rd  July 2017.  Bathalegala is a distinguishing feature of that scenery, rising nearly 2,600 feet above the mean sea level and considered a delightful landmark which has challenged painter, poet and photographer from time immemorial. It was during the British Period that this rock was named Bible Rock, as its appearance is quite akin to an open book when viewed from the Kandy Road, which the British built.

The Field Visit was segmented in to five teams as Fauna and Flora, Hydrology and Morphology, Soil and Geology, Slope and Human Activities. Each group was assigned to a staff member and a group was consist with 10 – 14 students. They have gained practical knowledge regarding what they have learnt in the class room and it was very successful according to the comments.

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