The development of the higher education sector is of central importance to enable Sri Lanka to make the transition from a Lower-Middle Income Country to an Upper Middle-Income Country. Recognizing this, the Government of Sri Lanka and the World Bank have agreed to support the higher education sector through a Bank funded Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) operation.

Department of Sociology, University of Colombo is proud to mention that it is the only Department of the Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo which was selected for the AHEAD grant in the 1st round. As per the proposed plan, the Department is looking forward in increasing the quality of the existing study programmes of the Department and further to broaden modern teaching and learning approaches that combine academic excellence with high-quality socio-emotional skills while promoting private public partnerships within the Department.

The Department is now in the process of implementing the following activities which address various vital aspects of the Department including study programmes, infrastructure development, blended learning and English language:

  1. Activity 1: Strengthening socio-emotional skills development initiatives administered through the Sports Study Stream
    1. 1Creating a community development project for sports and physical activity that is delivered by the students
    2. 2 Creating a mechanism for regular field visits for Sports Study Stream students
    3. 3 Establishing an exercise laboratory for the Sports Study Stream
  2. Activity 2: Improving infrastructure for student learning, teaching and assessment
    1. 1 Equipping student classrooms with appropriate learning and teaching equipment for a digital classroom
    2. 2 Facilitating workshops to enhance student research skills
    3. 3 Establishing facilities for enhanced research and professional training of students and staff
  3. Activity 3: Enhancing the Social Work Stream
    1. 1 Developing social work (practice work) learning resources
    2. 2 Facilitating community-based projects of Social Work students who work in practice placements
    3. 3 Organizing lectures / training sessions with practitioners in the field of Social Work
  4. Activity 4: Development of the Virtual Learning Platform (VLE)
    1. 1 Technical development of the VLE
    2. 2 Developing the content of the Virtual Learning Environment
    3. 3 Developing the physical infrastructure of the Department to accommodate the Virtual Learning Environment
  5. Activity 5: Improving learning, teaching and assessment
    1. 1: Developing condensed English article guides
    2. 2: Developing mini courses with English reading material for course units
    3. 3: Conducting workshops to develop English reading skills