Sociology Honours Degree Programme

The Sociology Honours Degree Programme gives students a deep understanding of Sociological theory and research practice. Students are selected for the Sociology (Special) Degree Programme at the end of the First Year based on their performance in the core subject courses offered by the Department of Sociology (SOC 1101 & SOC 1202). The merit list is made available after the release of the First Year  Examination Results. Shortlisted students are called for interviews at the Department of Sociology. Forty-five to fifty (45-50) students are selected each year for the Honours Degree Programme.

Study Stream in Social Work

The Social Work Study Stream is offered under the Sociology Special Degree Programme. It constitutes of six (06) course units. This study stream which was initiated in 2009, includes lectures from academic staff (both local and foreign) and practitioners in the field of Social Work. Students following the Social Work study stream get opportunities to engage in practical work in various institutions and communities. Selections are made at the end of the First Year with the selection of students for the Sociology Special Degree Programme. Ten to fifteen (10-15) students are chosen from those selected for the Sociology Special Degree Programme to follow the Social Work Study Stream.

Study Streams Under the Three Year Degree Programme

Undergraduates who join the three-year degree programme at the Faculty of Arts can register to follow one of the following study streams offered by the Department of Sociology;

  • Study Stream in Applied Sociological Studies

The study stream in Applied Sociological Studies which began in 2015 is intended to provide students with knowledge of theoretical and applied aspects of sociology and related subject areas. The twenty (20) course units included in the study programme prepare students to find practical ways to address issues in real life situations and face the challenges of the world of work.

  • Study Stream in Urban and Community Studies

The study stream in Urban and Community Studies began in 2016 and caters to undergraduates with interests in urban communities. The main objective of this undergraduate program is to develop students’ understanding of the nature of cities as well as urban communities and its impact on both the individual and society at large. The eighteen (18) course units in the programme focus on issues in contemporary urban society, and on tools and concepts that can bring about change to improve urban life.

  • Study Stream in Sports Studies

As a well-established department that is in compliance with the national and international standards the Department of Sociology is committed to understanding and contributing to global sporting issues and trends. The Department of Sociology successfully introduced and implemented a novel Sports and Physical Activity Enhancement Course (ENH 2119/ENH 2219) in 2017 to enhance physical, mental and social well-being (including promoting soft skills) of the undergraduate students to fulfill the aims of those students pursuing a career (eg. physical education teaching, coaching etc.) in sports. The popularity for this course has grown rapidly among the students with increasing number of enrolments each semester since its inception to date, making ENH 2119 and ENH 2219 courses that are in demand among the students.


  • N.D. S. Silva Memorial Prize for the Best Student in the Final Year of the Sociology (Special) Degree Programme
  • Ramanie Jayathilaka Award for the Best Student in Development Sociology
  • Suji Colombahewa Hettiarachchi Award for the Best Student in Contemporary Social Theory