The Department of Sociology publishes a journal titled ‘Samaja Vigraha’ with the intention of disseminating new found knowledge within the social sciences. The journal also contributes to the prevailing discourses on a myriad of topics related to social sciences and social phenomenon. The first volume of the Department Journal (Refereed Journal -ISSN 2362-0978) was launched in 2014, followed by the second and third volumes in the year 2017. The speciality of the journal is that it caters to a large audience of undergraduates and postgraduates of social sciences, academic experts and also laymen, and presents a variety of topics covering the varied branches of Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology.

The advisory panel for the journal and the editorial committee consists of academic experts within the country. The journal provides an opportunity for any researcher interested to forward their articles for review and publication.

For further information please contact:

‘Samaja Vigraha’
Department of Sociology
University of Colombo
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

Telephone: +94 (0) 112500452