Master of Arts in Sociology 

The course will be taught over a period of two academic years. In the First year of study, the candidates are required to take eight courses. The ninth unit will be the research design formulated as a reading course for which the candidates are expected to work with the supervisor assigned. In the Second year of study, candidates are expected to undertake one year of research on the basis of a topic and the research design that they have already come up with which has been approved by the Department. Throughout the planning and implementation of the research, the Department will provide input to the candidates through the supervisors assigned to each candidate. We expect all candidates to cultivate a close intellectual relationship with their supervisors to ensure the successful completion of their research, maintaining rigorous theoretical and methodological standards. Finally, the candidate is expected to produce a text in the form of a dissertation. We hope the intellectual climate offered by the Department beyond classes and supervisory input would be utilized creatively by candidates.

The Department of Sociology calls for applications from qualified candidates to enroll for the Master of Arts in Sociology (Two years) 2019/2021  Programme up to 02nd September 2020.

Master of Arts in Sociology (Two years) 2020/2022 – Brochure :

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For further information please contact:

Dr MTM Mahees

MA Coordinator
Department of Sociology
University of Colombo
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

Telephone: +94 (0) 112500452