To be a focal point in a critical intellectual tradition in sociology and related disciplines.


To promote the intellectual development of our students and faculty in a vibrant academic environment where classical and modern sociological theory is harmonized with methodological and theoretical knowledge derived from cognate disciplines like social anthropology and psychology, and contribute to the development of knowledge and skills of undergraduate and graduate students.


  • To develop a sociological imagination and a broad outlook as an essential pre-requisite to study and understand society and culture in both the local and global contexts.
  • To not be restricted to Sociology but also to adopt social anthropological and psychological perspectives crucial for a broader and deeper understanding of social and cultural phenomena.
  • To be linked to systems of knowledge and events transcending national borders, not limited to the social and cultural diversity and dynamics of Sri Lankan society.
  • To provide methodological and theoretical insights to enable students to analyze society and its dynamics.
  • To introduce students to both classical sociological theory, in addition to more recent developments in social theory along with current debates and research in different parts of the world.