Faculty Board


Members :


the Dean of that Faculty;
(b) all permanent Senior Professors, Professors, Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers and Lecturers of the Departments of Study comprising the Faculty;
(c) two members elected by the Lecturers (Probationary) of the Faculty from among such Lecturers;
(d) two members of the permanent staff attached to the Faculty and who are imparting instructions, other than those referred to in paragraphs (b) and (c), elected from among such staff members;
(e) two students elected by the students of the Faculty from among their number; and
(f) three persons not being members of the staff of the University elected by the Faculty Board from among persons of eminence in the areas of study relevant to the Faculty.
A member elected under paragraph (e) of subsection (1) shall hold office as a member for a period of one year, and any other elected member for a period of three years, reckoned from his date of election, and shall be eligible for re-election.