All postgraduate students engaged in research are expected to conduct their research in an ethical manner. This is especially relevant to researchers with human or animal participants in their studies. The Faculty requires all postgraduate students using data that is not publicly available or are elicited from human participants (through interviews, surveys, etc) to obtain approval from the Faculty’s Ethics Review Committee. The webpage of the Faculty’s Ethics Review Committee has further details and the application procedures (also see video). Additionally, the Faculty’s Youtube channel has a dedicated playlist on useful discussions on research ethics.

Academic integrity

Postgraduate students of the Faculty are expected to conduct their studies and research with academic integrity. This includes but is not limited to refraining from cheating, impersonation, and plagiarism.

The Faculty follows the University’s policy on plagiarism. 

Student Services

Students should discuss matters to do with services with the Program Coordinators or the Department.

The Faculty also endorses the University’s policy on preventing sexual harassment. The “University of Colombo Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Procedural Steps for Enforcement” is given here.   

Student requests on matters of extension of registration, examination matters, leave of absence should be sent to the Coordinator of the postgraduate program by letter/email.