Research Projects (On going)

Department / Unit / Centre Commencement year Title of the research project
Department of History 2021 ( to be commenced) Living in violent Heritage: Contests and Co-existence in Post War Sri Lanka
Department of
International Relations
2021  (to be commenced) Human Security in Emerging Countries in East Asia: The case of Vietnam
Department of Geography 2020 University Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN4DRR)
Department of Sinhala 2020 History of the Dept of Official Languages
Social Policy Analysis and Research Center (SPARC) 2019 Research Study on the incidence, nature and scope of online violence against children, and the mechanisms that respond to cases of online violence against children.
Department of English 2019 Intimacy: Negotiating Proximity and Distance in the Digital Media in Sri Lanka
Department of English 2019 Situating the Interface of English Studies and the Digital in a Sri Lankan Context : An evidence-based study of a Digital Humanties Research Laboratory in an English Studies Classroom.
Arabic and Islamic Civilization Unit 2019 “Islamic Microfinance Initiatives in Poverty Alleviation Mechanism among the Muslims of Sri Lanka – With Special Reference to Zakat Practice” M-Phi/PhD Programme
Department of English 2019 Potentialities and Politics of Transformative Justice in Sri Lanka
Social Policy Analysis and Research Center (SPARC) 2018 Intergrating education with consumer behaviour relevant to energy efficiency and climate change at the universities of Russia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (BECK)
Department of Sociology 2018 Challenges of Municipal Solid Waste Management – Learning from Post Crisis Governance Initiatives in South Asia (MSWM)
Social Policy Analysis and Research Center (SPARC) 2018 REbuildinG AfteR Displacement (REGARD)
Department of Demography 2014 Women’s knowledge,perceptions and health seeking behaviour related to their reproductive health issues in urban settlement communities in Colombo, Sri Lanka.