It is mandatory to select 11 course units for the academic year in the following manner:

  • Six (6) CUs – two from each principal subject, which have equal ranking in weight
  • Two (2) English FND units – It is mandatory for all first year undergraduates, except for those exempted from the English placement test, to select the two Foundation Course Units (FNDE 1108 and FNDE 1209) in English offered by the English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU).
  • Two (2) other FND units – Students who are exempted from the English Proficiency course must select 4 FND CUs.
  • One (1) IT FND unit – It is mandatory for all students, except for those whoa are taking IT study stream to offer IT FND unit.


Following table explains how students should select the minimum required number of CUs for the first year in Arts.


Sources from which the 11 CUs should be selected for the first year in Arts

Principal Subject I
Principal Subject II
Principal Subject III
English FND
For those who must take Foundation Course Units in English and IT (as determined by the placement tests)
For those who have been exempt from taking Foundation Course Units in English and IT (as determined by the placement tests)

Source: By Laws, Bachelor of Arts Degree


Mandatory CUs
For first year undergraduates, certain CUs are mandatory and other CUs require auxiliary CUs.  For example, when a first year student selects Demography as one of his/her three principal subjects, it is mandatory to take DMG 1101 and one other CU from the Demography stream. Similarly, when Economics and/or Geography is on the list of the three principal subjects, it is mandatory to select FND 1106 or FND 1206 to comply with the requirements of these Departments. For those wishing to read for Bachelor of Education from the second year, it is necessary to select FND 1110 in the first year in Arts. Similarly, for those wishing to take a specific study stream, it is mandatory to select the relevant FND units offered. For example, FND 1106 or FND 1206 is a pre-requisite for the four-year degree in Demography. Students are advised to consult the relevant departments for up-to-date information on such requirements, as Departments make regular changes to their curricula.

Selection for Special Degree programmes is based on students’ performance at the first year examinations. Selection for the Bachelor of Education (Special) degree programme is based on students’ performance at the first year examination and in the FND 1110.